January 23, 2012
By Rehana BRONZE, ......, New Jersey
Rehana BRONZE, ......, New Jersey
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Abby, Bella, Cara
Names can predict the future
Deirdre, Emma, Fiona
They could be unique, ugly, beautiful, typical
Gina, Hanna, Ivy
Unique names may predict happiness and being different
Julie, Karen, Lara
Or could predict an outcast and a loner
Mary, Nancy, Olivia
A childish name could result in a girl who is forever young
Pear, Quinn, Rehana
A difficult name could change the life of the child
Shaila, Tess, Ursula
They could be afraid to live
Velma, Willa, Xena
Scared to say their own name
Yana, Zara
Or could learn
To be confident of who they are
To say their name
Loud and Proud
And never be embarrassed
Of their own name

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