January 23, 2012
By Rehana BRONZE, ......, New Jersey
Rehana BRONZE, ......, New Jersey
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All words that mean maybe
Maybe I will
Maybe I won’t
Maybe I do
Maybe I don’t

You hate;
You possibly cannot come
You probably are not welcome
But sometimes you can try
Only maybe she will cry

You want;
Yes you can come
Yes you are welcome
Yes you can try
No she will not cry

Definite is better
But maybe there isn’t always definite
Not always black and white
Good and bad

Sometimes there are gray areas
Possibly there are times of hesitance
Probably you cannot be completely sure
Maybe you can have what you desire

Probably you will be delighted
And possibly you can be joyful
Maybe you can be saved

Good will win over
When certainty seems to wither
And the “maybes” of the world are too much
Sometimes the “maybes” are good
Probably they will begin to hurt

When you realize that the doubt can be distressing
Hopefully you can save yourself
Optimistically, the “maybes” of the world will only be used on occasion
Definite love will flourish
Possibly, definiteness and doubt will balance
Maybe all will turn out well

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