Like the Rain

January 23, 2012
By themonstersinsideme PLATINUM, Waterboro, Maine
themonstersinsideme PLATINUM, Waterboro, Maine
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"People may walk out the door, but they leave it open for someone else to walk in" <3

It pounds down onto rooftops
Making noise, disturbing peaceful silence
Yet not destroying anything.
Like you.
Pounding words down onto me
Like raindrops
Disturbing my peaceful silence
Yet not destroying anything.

I guess, you’re a lot like rain...

It makes pools on the ground
And people splash through it
Like it was never anything important
To begin with.
I am the pools on the ground.
You splash through me carelessly.
I am nothing.

I guess, I’m a lot like rain too...

Sometimes, with it comes
Threatening to make you
Tremble in fear.
Some nights I lay awake and a torrential downpour
Falls from my eyes
And the thunder is the beating of my heart
And all I can think
Is that I wouldn’t mind the lightening striking
Right about now...

I’m not afraid of the lightening as long as it stops the rain.

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