Like the Rain

January 23, 2012
It pounds down onto rooftops
Making noise, disturbing peaceful silence
Yet not destroying anything.
Like you.
Pounding words down onto me
Like raindrops
Disturbing my peaceful silence
Yet not destroying anything.

I guess, you’re a lot like rain...

It makes pools on the ground
And people splash through it
Like it was never anything important
To begin with.
I am the pools on the ground.
You splash through me carelessly.
I am nothing.

I guess, I’m a lot like rain too...

Sometimes, with it comes
Threatening to make you
Tremble in fear.
Some nights I lay awake and a torrential downpour
Falls from my eyes
And the thunder is the beating of my heart
And all I can think
Is that I wouldn’t mind the lightening striking
Right about now...

I’m not afraid of the lightening as long as it stops the rain.

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