The Dripping Heart

January 23, 2012
My life was once filled with joy, and was once filled with glory. He looks at feelings as if they were a toy, but mine were just a sad,sad story. I told him things that I was scared to say,but it seems as though he has ignored them. He'll never have to suffer or pay,but I'll have to just because it's him. My story tells of hurt,and it also tells of pain. My life seems full of dirt,and there's nothing for me to gain. I wish I knew how he feels too,but the wall is being blocked by a tank. My mind is telling me one thing,and my heart is telling me another. Agony is what my soul may bring,but over my dreams he will hover. The past is now forbidden and forever apart. My soul for eternity has been hidden,and my life will further be...The Dripping Heart.

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