Hate On

January 27, 2012
By , Lavonia, GA
I silently hate myself
You can see it my eyes
The way I disgrace the mirror
By hurriedly passing by

I hate on other people
Who are so much better than me
I judge them with hurt filled eyes
Pouring out tears that could fill the sea

I hate on my figure
I hate on the way I dress
Sometimes I have to beg myself to just
Give it a rest

It's not easy being hated
By the one person you know
It's not easy being hated
But, isn't it, though?

It's simple enough to pick a feature
Out of all the ones on your face
Tell it that's horrible
And send it to a dark place

A corner of your mind reserved for hatred
A corner that's slowly getting full
It fills with all the little things
That are ugly or uncool

I hate on myself constantly
But deep down I know
Truly I am beautiful
At least, I like to think so

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