January 27, 2012
By terras. SILVER, Bowie, Maryland
terras. SILVER, Bowie, Maryland
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look at me!

what do you see

am i not a black woman

why cant they see it

dont i have feelings

dont i have dreams

all you see is my body

why am i not seen within

when i cry nobody cares

when i speak nobody listens

am i not loved god

when you hear the words that i say

i wish you could feel the pain i feel

how dare you not listen to me

an angel comes down

she places her hand right hand on my heart

she whispers in my ear to keep my held held high

she puts put her wings around my body

i ask to go with her

but she says no my invisible child

you are at war and you must finish the battle

but how can i

im only an ivisible girl

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