A Brand New Era

January 27, 2012
By Anonymous

It's a brand new era
They proudly proclaim
New ideas and inventions
Things will never be the same

It's a brand new era
It's a brand new day
None of the old things
Can stay

It's a brand new era
Don't try to deny
With this new way of living
You'll never want to die

But unfortunately we all must
It's a sad thing, I know
But don't worry your little head
You've got years and years to go

Years and years
Days and days
Weeks and weeks
Mays and Mays

But I don't want to live that long
It's a dreadful notion indeed
To see the world be abused this way
I give you one warning to heed

If you dare go on this way
For all that eternity and time
The world will no longer work properly
For it will have died

The author's comments:
This is about how the world is being treated poorly. It kind of has a warning of, if we go on this way, the world will no longer be livable.

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