January 27, 2012
By Kandra101 GOLD, Peletier, North Carolina
Kandra101 GOLD, Peletier, North Carolina
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Is it a crime,
To not believe?…

Your friend believes they saw a unicorn,
And you don’t believe,
Are you at fault?
Evidently some people will think so.

I don’t believe in god,
People treat me like I’m a freak.

I never discriminated against any of their religions,
Yet they feel it’s okay to tear me down because of mine.

They assume because I don’t believe in god,
That I worship the devil.
That is not true.
I don’t believe in god,
Therefore I don’t believe in his opposite either.
There is a name for people who worship the devil,
They are Satanists, not atheists.

All other religions have missionaries,
Is it wrong for atheism to have missionaries?

Is atheism a religion?
Or is it a lack of religion?
Religion is defined as what you do
Or do not believe,
So I believe it is.

I’ve heard people say that atheists
Are the worst religious discriminators.
But don’t judge a person by their category.

The only atheists you acknowledge are the ones who discriminate,
Because they stick out like a sore thumb,
Making themselves known,
While the others just blend in, not speaking out like so.

2.2% of the world’s population is ranked as geniuses, with an IQ over 140.
2.3% of the world’s population is atheists.
See a connection?
I have an IQ of 146. I am proudly an atheist, and a genius.

Atheism is a subject of constant controversy,
But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to put atheists down for what they believe.

I love most religions, because there is something good to most of them and most of the people that take to them.
I just don’t like discriminators, or Satanists, or people of the like, because they’re practicing negative behaviors and beliefs.


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