January 27, 2012
By redottie BRONZE, Hacienda Heights, California
redottie BRONZE, Hacienda Heights, California
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A fright to say,
More so to hear.
The blatant truth:
Gone too far.

See those children?
They’re happy,
Oh so happy.
Well, see those children?
They’re grown up children;
Much room to cry.

Endlessly dark
And ever prominent.
A decade old promise,
But both parties have departed.

What a way to hold an end of a bargain.

The silent reign;
Sightless rain;
And there’s more to gain.
More to say and later detain,

Frequent reminder of mine,
Will you do the heavy lifting?
Old wounds are opening,
Leaving me motionless.

Well here’s a thought
Preach to the damn choir,
All are deaf ears—can’t hear.

What once rang true
Holds now no merit.
Yes, it’s meritless mercy;
Enjoy the company.

Hear this:
To your never-ending glory,
I thus present you to lasting eternity.
All that’s left, I hand to you.

Truth, less valuable than gold,
Than copper even.
Useless waste—
Ultimately reaps no rewards.

Now words don’t flow with ease.
They erupted from what was.
Yet, never a subject of your interest,
A pitch-less frequency.
Oh, not deaf? That’s right, only blind.

Ignorant! Hopelessly so…
Say no more.
See, best quiet during despair,
When beyond repair.

Consuming greed,
Please meet willing plea:

End this scene?

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