Early River Valley Civilizations

January 27, 2012
By ilysandy BRONZE, Middle Village, New York
ilysandy BRONZE, Middle Village, New York
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A long, long time ago,
We lived on a land called Pangaea, my fellow
A couple thousand years later,
The Neanderthals roamed the earth, as our creators
They had to cross a land bridge
Carrying not much luggage
They hunted and gathered
Devouring animals and plants, but not all matter
They used simple tools-
This did not make them fools

That was the Neolithic Age, but time has passed.
And now they noticed the grass
Farming was introduced and cities developed
Our world then was not to corrupted
They made their own food
Which lightened everyone’s mood
This established a civilization,
Which influenced the next generations

Middle East (Eastern Mediterranean) developed it first,
Therefore food and population emerged
But soon, other lands caught on,
Hunger and starvation, begone!
The Fertile Crescent was the best
Sharing their ideas and inventions with the rest

Now we had Mesopotamia
Which had the Tigris & Euphrates aqua
They were unpredictable
The people made houses out of clay bricks to make them capable
The land was divided into city-states
Which was not so great
Many kings fought each other-
Over power! Oh brother!
They were a patriarchal society,
Making the women not so jolly
Soon, the Akkadians & Babylonians took over the land
But they probably knew what was coming beforehand

Egypt had the Nile
That ran for more than a mile
It was predicable and gentle
Flowing outwards to create channels
They believed in the afterlife
Which did not include a low-life
They look at pharaoh as god
And the mummification process is worth an applaud
They had an advance social structure
Which resisted Egypt from being fractured
Hieroglyphics was their writing
Now you see then in museum, when sighting

Then came the Yellow River civilization
Which barely had any invasions
They had the Huanghe River
carrying fertile loess. The land also had other natural barriers
The civilization had different dynasties
Shang, Zhou, Qin and Han
Kingly power was left to the man
Getting their power from the Mandate of Heaven
Whom they worshipped in big temple pensions
They believed in the oracle bones,
Asking for advice about the unknown
Confucianism was the philosophy
Favoring only the ones that were brainy

Next we have the Indus River Valley
They had irrigation running right through their allies
The social classes was the caste system-
The untouchables were a the bottom, Brahmins (scholars + priests) spread their wisdom
They used the Ganges as their water
Thu had a big land, spreading to more than an acre!

But soon, all these civilizations ended
Invasions conquered their land, and took over
But, their influences continue to thrive in the world we live in today

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