As I lay dying

January 27, 2012
By GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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"When god made men she was only joking"

The darkness clouds my judgment
Seeping into my skin
My pores
Suffocating me

Taking my mind
My sanity
Taking my movement
Paralyzing me
Taking my vision
Blinding me

I am no longer in control

As my body gives up I’m transported
I’m in Atlantis
The Garden of Eden
The Center of the Earth
I’m no where reachable, no where tangible
Yet I can see my fingers
I can wiggle my toes
I can lay my hand on the man sitting next to me
His red cloak wraps around his body
The ends evaporating into the atmosphere
His devilish grin burns into my memory
Reminding me of our past encounters
Though his face no longer seems to be through a tinted window
His bloody pupils look past my body, into my soul
Deciding my next future

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