Let It Be

January 8, 2012
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Just for a moment,
Let the world stop turning,
Let that hum of a distant motor,
Stay but an echo through the empty streets,
The roads are clean,
Let their day time smog be but a distant memory,

Let passers-by,
Skip along the pavements,
Or trespass over the painted divide,
That glows so bright in daylight.
Let them be nameless,
For shadows need no names at night,
Going everywhere and nowhere,
Illuminated briefly by the streetlights.
Let those lonely cars,
Left, dark windows, in the car park,
Be not abandoned at all, but basking,
In the faint warmth from the distant stars,
That just tonight don’t look quite as far,
As they will come morning’s harsh revelations.
Let each lamppost, standing so uniform,
Take on the gathering quiet,
United in their sameness,
Against the silence of the darkened sheet,
That has settled on the world.
See the freedom the Sun’s reign hides,
Glitter, grow and mask our fears,
Cold but alight, it dances in our eyes,
And flickers within our souls.
Let us simple night dwellers smile,
Just for a moment,
At the dwindling lights that reflect our own,
No matter the distance,
No matter the darkness,
They shine on,
Do they sit, as I do, and wonder at the night?
Fend off the ever hungry darkness?
Let them never go out.
Let them never go out.
Let them be.
Let it be.

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