He Has Made It Seem

January 7, 2012
Butterfly with a tattered wing,
someday you'll be wild and free,
the world's only as scary as he has made it seem.

Butterfly, the nights are long and cold,
but find your hope, darling take hold,
and you'll see as much as you've beauty, you are bold.

Butterfly, prettier everyday,
Pay no heed to the ugliness he does say,
look around, yes, you take their breath away.

Butterfly with an injury,
spread your wings and you will see,
even the wounded still can be set free.

Butterfly, now don't you cry,
for he's declared that you can't fly,
but I tell you someday you will taste the sky.

Butterfly, whose endured so much scorn,
fly to a world that's yours to adorn,
for those wings of yours deserve not to be torn.

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