bad apple.

January 6, 2012
By LyssaPoo SILVER, Manteno, Illinois
LyssaPoo SILVER, Manteno, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"love doesnt die because of distance, love dies because of doubts."

people will break you.
people will make you fall.
people will sit there and wait for your call.
are you going to sit here, and just pout and wait.
or will you challenge fate.
no one can control your future, no one can hold your lie.
no one can control who says goodbye.
its no good to sit here and sigh.
although she cant concentrate, and although there's so much more fear.
its about time she hears what she has to hear.
life isn't a fairy tale.
its always going to end with a evil male.
although she has someone she would die to be with.
its someone she can never hug or kiss.
but time will tell.
and she might keep going through hell.
but all see can say, is its going to be okay.
although she misses the old him dearly.
and sometimes the tears help her not see so clearly.
she has to move on and stand tall.
shes strong enough to take on it all.
when she fell.
it hurt like hell.
and no one gets away with hurting me.
oh, you just wait and see.
karma is gonna blow.
and buddy, only you,soon, are going to know.
so little girl sit back and watch the show.
its no use to fee low.
little girl, your still young.
your still learning from the older people you are among.
so smile pretty and let them know.
that he is a bad apple, and hes gotta go.

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