Colors of colour

January 28, 2012
By Jake Johnson BRONZE, Avon, Indiana
Jake Johnson BRONZE, Avon, Indiana
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As the furious red struck out

And cut the harmonic blue
A great orange gave a shout

For the loss of bluish hue
But from there the red strove on

and smashed the envious green
From here the orange could take no more

as the world had split at its seam
The red was not yet done

As she rushed towards the brown
And crushed his glorious crown

Of black within the night
With an exultant shout she gave

As she stabbed the innocent pink
For brethren no more was she

With those who stunk of stink
And rushing through the waters

Of waters bright in white
Drying out its glory

With red consuming sight
And then she stuck her claim

As empress of the world
Though fading in her shame

Her victory unfurled

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