You may call me selfish and a bit rude...

January 28, 2012
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You may call me selfish and a bit rude
Because I don’t give a damn about your feelings or mood
You say I’m not a good person, I’m a jerk
Well listen to these words cause you sound absurd
I’m there when you needed an ear or a shoulder to cry on
I’m the one who stands by when everybody else is gone
I give my words of advice and put in my thoughts and feelings
I give you my time and hey that’s better than nothing
You say I don’t try, want to know why?
You’ll stop trying too, if you were in my shoes.
Trying and only being second best
Trying just so you end up with no rest
TRYING so that you’re there for everyone
But who’s there for me when everyone is gone?
Let’s switch the sides, turn the tables
it’s my turn to give you a label
YOU my friend is the selfish one
YOU are only here when there’s the fun
But hey I’m not mad, I’m just saying
So check your self, before you start paying.

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