Past Tense

January 23, 2012
By Krystin Major BRONZE, Arnold, Maryland
Krystin Major BRONZE, Arnold, Maryland
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I wrote about you yesterday
I used the past tense
Does that mean I’m over you?

I wrote the words,
I just want you to know you meant a lot to me
I just want you to know I loved you
It was all under a few seconds
I didn’t have time to think about it
I just knew
Things had changed

What goes through your mind when you hear my name?
Because now my eyes just glaze over
The tears have dried out

I’m mostly shocked
In my head I hadn’t noticed how amazing you were to me
I hadn’t noticed what this time had taken from us
Because I always had a part of the best times hidden somewhere
So I could remember how I felt

It was those blue eyes
That big smile
Just the way you made me feel
You were everything I could have asked for

I never had felt like that before
You changed me
You made me constantly happy

But now
I wrote the words
You meant a lot to me
I loved you
Now you are officially my past

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