January 22, 2012
By dkhaygood BRONZE, Quincy, California
dkhaygood BRONZE, Quincy, California
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You'll find it, we always find it

When the overworked heart pumping bright crimson blood skips a beat
And the stars glimmering above flash in unison for an instant
The staring eyes in pictures and portraits of loved ones turn to you
When the ocean deep pulsates
And waves rise to unimaginable heights to crash down on the sandy shore below
That's the new world coming together piece by piece

For every fall suffered and insult carelessly tossed
The new world takes on another aspect
Clouds form and sunshine raises life
Stars appear one by one in the night sky
And the grass becomes just a little greener in this new majestic world
I wanna make a new world

Will you take my hand and rule it with me?
Together we can watch the sun rise over the infinite sea
Forget the sorrows of our former lives
Make our own rules
Fix all the races so we come in first
Together we can make gravity disappear and float above the white clouds

I wanna run with the deer
And not bask in my own fears
Just like falling in love
Take a flight on the wings of a dove
To look up at the sky
And not think of those who've died

Now I feel reality slipping from my clenched hands
My knuckles are turning white and I'm getting a headache from closing my eyes too tightly
The ground beneath me is disintegrating
A cool breeze is rising from under
Now I'm bathing in cold, crisp water
Looking out I see the infinite sea
And when I turn, I see my castle awaits and there you are, holding my crown

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