I Don't Cry

January 22, 2012
By MiscellanyCrop DIAMOND, Middlefield, Ohio
MiscellanyCrop DIAMOND, Middlefield, Ohio
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An Essay on Man - Alexander Pope

I don't cry
It's a waste of good water
Does that make me cold?
A horrible daughter?

But when I first read
The letter you wrote
I felt the tears
I started to choke...

You said that you loved him
With all of your heart
Twenty years past
And your world ripped apart

You told him to leave
You wrote him goodbye
To pack up his bags,
His love, his lies

You said I could read it
So I took it upstairs
Where you couldn't see me
Pretend not to care

When you wrote that he was
Your first and your last
That you would always
Remember the past

When I read your words
I collapsed to the floor
And cried like I had never
Cried before

I don't cry
It's a waste and a bother
But for you, I will cry
I will cry for my mother.

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