She hugs him tight wishing he would stay. It will never be the same when he goes away. His face won't be there , his presence will be gone. There will be noone left for her to lean on. All the times they talked, the memories they share. She wonders what it'll be like when he's no longer there. The warmth she feels when he pulls her close, this is what shell miss the most. Knowing the time is almost gone , its all been but a dream or so it seems. The reality sets in, time has finally come to an end. She grabs him up and hugs him with all her might . Promising him she will be alright . What he doesn't know, is that she can easily put on a show. The smile is fake, the tears will be flowing soon. If he's still here this will be her doom. With one last look, she turns away, there aren't any words left to say. She looks back once more, as she heads for the door . She whispers "don't go" and ends with a sigh. All she hears is a faint goodbye.

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