What do you do

January 25, 2012
By Princess0409 SILVER, Riverton, Illinois
Princess0409 SILVER, Riverton, Illinois
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What do you do when the person you trust the most pushes you away? When the one you thought could help you has nothing left to say? Looks at you and doesn't say a word. I wonder if he knows the silence is very much heard? Tears slowly slide down my face. Trying to talk to him would just be a waste. feelings go unnoticed but it doesn't matter they aren't easy to hide. I hope he's okay with whatever I decide. Without him here , I feel alone and empty like nobody cares. I wish he would just realize I'm hurting and finally be there. He's the one I'm falling for, falling to the ground. But I won't speak up, I won't make a sound. Afraid he would shut me out. I would be torn apart without a doubt . He's important to me. I need him to look at me and see. What do you do?

The author's comments:
A friend inspired me to do this piece when I felt like he was pushing me away.

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