My biggest fear; the mirror

January 25, 2012
By livinfam0us GOLD, Bedford Hills, New York
livinfam0us GOLD, Bedford Hills, New York
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i look in the mirror and what do i see
but a different girl staring at me
this isn't what i wanted
or how i wanted things to end up
my weight obsession consumes me
my anxiety eats at me too
trying so hard to be perfect
just so i can compare to you
i wanna be beautiful
the person everyone wants to see
i just wanna be happy
happy being me
ill do anything
whatever it takes
ill stop eating completely
ill throw up my brains
i just want to be happy
without having to act
i don't want my attitude to be questionable
happiness a fact
i don't want this for me
but i wanna be beautiful for you
because i want to be winning
i don't want to lose
i want to be beautiful
with no competition
like looking at me
wont be repetition
i want my beauty to be real
and i don't want to be fake
just to be 'that girl'
ill do whatever it takes
to have the perfect body
and the flawless smile
i want to be told I'm beautiful
and not live in denial
i wanna shine like a diamond
and be absolutely priceless
having no lies,
and nothing to confess.

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