The story of me

January 25, 2012
By livinfam0us GOLD, Bedford Hills, New York
livinfam0us GOLD, Bedford Hills, New York
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When the power of love overcomes the power of money, the world will know peace. - Jimi Hendrix

Look into my eyes
What do you see?
A world filled of fun & fantasies?
Look again,
For sure you're mistaken
Cause what I see is sadness,cold nights,& shaking.
A life so crazy
Every night you're sure to cry
You're sick of it all. You don't even bother to try
The last time you knew happiness it was a time of unicorns & rainbows
Now happiness is a myth, who believes & bothers with those?
Pain is the emotion, the one that consumes my life
Just cause its not physical doesn't mean I wouldn't prefer a knife
My pillow is drenched from all the tears. That I pour
What's the point of stopping when you're just waiting on more
My moms my hero, the rest of my family too, but then there's my dad; you want me to look up to you ?
No I'm sorry. You're life isn't how I wanna be, tearing apart family's & screaming that's just not me
But then theres Al, yes he was my inspiration creating these miracles & tearing apart frustration
But the best things in life I know are never free, now he was taken away, but he's looking down on me
Me & my bestfriendALl departed, truth, lies & all fakes. I'm making my new ones & moving on without old mistakes
Everything that happens its my fault some way or somehow you can grow up, its not ever or now
So take all you said, pack it up & just leave, you're no longer gonna control me I'm taking my heart off my sleeves
So now look at me, a blank stare in the face, my life's my life & that's what ill embrace
Different lives different paths, I don't need your approval, cause with a horrid person like you I'm thankful you're removable
The tears I went through are from here on done cause I'm not gonna go on being the sick sad lonely one
My life's a maze now I don't need you're added on courses especially the nonsense coming from your unreliable sources
So count me out but move on doing that thing of your own, just remember that I'm done with your sticks & your stones

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