January 25, 2012
By livinfam0us GOLD, Bedford Hills, New York
livinfam0us GOLD, Bedford Hills, New York
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A million bullets
Aiming for my heart
I used to be bullet proof
Until I fell apart
I lost my armor
Everything left of me got taken away
It took all I had
& left me feeling sick
Everything just taken
It happened so quick
I'm not longer smiling
Cause all my reasons are gone
All my reasons to be happy
They were all drawn
I'm left breaking,
Crumbling apart
Only left with a few things
I've had from the start
The rest of me has been shot down
It dissipated itself away
& it left with nothing
& nothings okay.
The reasons when you don't know why you cry
Their my weakest moments out of all
I try to think about before
& why I had to fall
I don't know what happened
Besides me getting broke down
But all I know is nothing
I'm left with this frown
There's nothing more to do
The pains already done
I just wish their was a reason
Why do I always have to run
I'm running from my life
Trying to escape what I'm living
I don't know what I did
Or what's even worth giving
I've tried everything
But I was still shot to the ground
I guess this is how it was meant to be
At Least that's what I've found

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