January 27, 2012
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A girl came home from school one day after he first day back,
She ran through the door peeling off her shoes and new backpack.

Slowly mum followed behind picking up he train of mess,
But to her surprise her daughter came back scrunching up her school dress.

“Hey mummy, I forgot to ask but how is it that we are here?
In Australia I mean, how did we all appear?”

“One day” The mother began as she found herself a seat,
“There were two countries full of people that were yet to meet.”

She tell her daughter about the aboriginal people that owned the land,
And how it was their home, until they had to leave on demand!

They had been invaded by some English men that were greedy and wanted more,
So they told the aborigines to go or there would be war.

They had no place to go so the naughty men killed them all,
And they took over the entire country to build homes and shopping malls.

The little girl was not quite satisfied with the story her mum had told her,
So she went to find her father who might know more because he was older.

He told her of a story about two countries that were soon to be friends,
How some men accidently trespassed and wanted to make a mends.

The aborigines didn’t forgive or want to share their land,
So they yelled and chased the English men making them very mad.

So the English men defended themselves in this battle of mankind,
Winning of course, shooting the aboriginals with their weapons of design.

The little girl now confused got up and went to bed,
Dreaming about Australia and what really went ahead.

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