Dear Friend

January 18, 2012
By Marlene273120 SILVER, Lincoln, Nebraska
Marlene273120 SILVER, Lincoln, Nebraska
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By Marlene Rashidi

Your smile uplifts my world,
I've loved the moments we have spent together,
You are the reason why smiles never fade away from my face,
We've grown deeply in friendship,
I've learned how to love and care about,
Just by seeing your face all my agony are nowhere to be found,
You are stuck in my brain, my heart, and my soul,
It's hard to get you off,
It's hard to spend a moment without thinking of you,
You are more than a friend,
You are my soul mate, my guardian angel, and my world,
Without you my world is left with nothing,
I've tried to admit how much I love you,
You are always there for me,
Through my painful time,
You're there to comfort my broken heart,
Telling me what makes me feel valuable,
You are a friend to me; to your knowledge,
You are more than a friend to me; to my knowledge,
You are a guy,
And I would want you to be more than a guy-friend to me,
Dear friend; I dearly ask you.

The author's comments:
This is a real letter, I wrote to a friend who I took more than a friend, my friend's brother.

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