Life's Heaven and Hell

January 23, 2012
“Life is a silly, silly, silly, silly thing. Not much else to it. We live, we love, we cry, we laugh, we scream, we’re silent, we regret, we’re proud, we hate, that is all life is. A circle of chaos chasing itself like a rabid dog in a circle. But of course, there is that moment in life where we ask ourselves, do I deserve this life? Indeed we do deserve it, we deserve to have a chance, it is not the deserving factor, it is the experience, it is the everlasting, evermore cycle of feelings and memory that we much endure in suffering and in emotional and physical paradise. So, life is silly yes, but life has meaning, it has its purpose, because life is just a word that holds a thousand words in every letter. I could and you could, mostly anyone, could ramble on about life for hours or even for eternity, but there is not much of a reason, we can ramble and speak of it as much as we please, but life is something one can not even put into words. Life is just a word that isn’t meant to be a word, its meant to be an experience, its meant to be everything you would want and don’t want to imagine.”

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