The Truth About Society

January 23, 2012
By Anonymous

Dear Boys and Girls,

Beautiful isn't having tons of makeup and being the skinniest girl, with the biggest boobs

Hot isn't being a jerk to everybody and wearing brand clothes

Emo isn't the black haired freak who has cuts all over their arms

Nerd isn't somebody who's a show off with glasses

Annoying isn't somebody who talks to much and likes to yell

Ugly is not being not skinny enough with no makeup

Jerk isn't somebody who's in your business when it's there, friend

Beautiful is the girl who has a heart big enough to stretch across the world, and a real smile that could light up the world

Hot is the boy who is nice to everyone and says what his head and heart tell him to

Emo is the girl who is in pain and doesn't no what else to do

Nerd is the smart kid who wants to be successful and knows more than others

Stupid is the boy who likes to play around, but says what he believes in and never takes it back

Ugly is the girl who is more beautiful than any other inside and out, not needing anything to change it

Jerk is the boy who will stand up for his friends no matter what


The Beautiful, Ugly, Stupid, Jerk

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