If I Suddenly Died Today

January 23, 2012
If I suddenly died today
Please tell me what you would do.
Would you miss me when I’m gone,
Or would it matter to you?
Would you grieve because I was gone,
Or just go on with your day?
Would you wish I were there with you,
Or would you not care either way?
Would you shed your tears for me,
Or would your eyes remain dry?
Would you ever visit my grave,
Or would you not bother to say goodbye?
I know you would say you’d miss me,
But what would you really do?
You’d say you would mourn for the loss of me,
But I wonder if that is true.
You sometimes act like you don’t care.
Would that change if I suddenly dropped dead?
Would you keep me in your memories,
Or just lock me out of your head?
I wish that I could figure out
If you cared about me or not.
Maybe your actions would tell the truth
If you visit me at my resting spot.
I know that if it was you that died
My tears are all that people would see.
But what would you do if I were to die?
Would you ever cry for me?

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