Expectations vs Reality

January 15, 2012
By Kylie-o PLATINUM, Onsted, Michigan
Kylie-o PLATINUM, Onsted, Michigan
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"People haven't always been there for me, but music has." -- Taylor Alison Swift

If you've seen the movie (500) Days of Summer
You will understand
The scene that's such a bummer
Because the protagonist's dreams are ripped out of his hands

Well if this was a movie
You'd be outside my door
Saying you're sorry
For all the fights before

You'd drive the extra hours over to my house
Stand outside my window and start throwing rocks
But no, this is so unrealistic
Or so everyone tells me...

If I had it my way, I'd be in my room
Listening to music waiting for you
But I decided the day I'm over you,
is the day you'll show up in my driveway
I'll open my door and you'll kiss me
In the pouring rain

Wake up! Wake up!
Get out of my head!
I can't hurt myself with fantasies like this
Insomniac still at 2 am

"Hello! Kylie, are you with us today?"
I snap back to reality as the teacher calls my name

Because in reality I will drive home
You will not show up at the end of the day
And when that bell rings
All these people won't see
The happy that is potentially there

I will drive home and grab the mail
Without a letter explaining what went wrong
And when my dogs bark at nothing
I'll still race down the stairs for someone who's been gone

And I'll open my door and sit on my porch
Curl up my feet and say to myself, "Stupid Girl."

I will sing some washed up love song and head to the computer or phone
I'll talk to you and you'll say, "How are you?!" being sincerely stoked.
We'll talk for hours about times we should have let go
But the distance is just too far
And I have to let you go

It's agonizing when the person you love is so close yet so far away from you
And through the long talks and hardships, I know you still love me too.

The author's comments:
"Sometimes we have to be away from the people we love, but that doesn't mean we love them any less. Sometimes.. it actually makes us love them more." - Nicholas Sparks

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