Who, what, where, when, why

January 11, 2012
By redneck,girl PLATINUM, Fowler, Michigan
redneck,girl PLATINUM, Fowler, Michigan
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ooo Hot boy.....but u have a bf.........you can look just cant touch.

Who is my soul mate?
What does he look like?
WHere will I meet him?
When will I know he's mine?
Why do I have to go throuygh hell to find him?
Who is my soulmate?
What is his name?
Where does he live?
When will I know I should be his?
Why cant I fond him now?
Who is my soulmate?
What color are his eyes?
Where will we get married?
WHen do i get to finally kiss him?
Why do I have to wait?

Does he already know?

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