January 11, 2012
By kared BRONZE, Rochester, New York
kared BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Favorite Quote:
you like him but he likes her and she likes another guy f**k that im getting pizza

You look into the deepness of your heart,
You find nothing
It’s empty and cold,
Cold like the early fall morning,

You look deep into your heart
You see something dark,
A black hole
You’re trying to get out
But it’s only you,

You try to leave your own body
But it does not let you go,
You try to hear what it says
You can’t hear it over the rustling of the leaves,

You feel yourself falling,
It’s a dark, freezing and frightening place for a kid my age
You tell yourself it’s only a dream,
Like the ones you had when you were a kid
But no, its life

You look deep into your heart
You yell, “Help me!”
To bad no one can hear you
Over the roar of the flames.


Katelyn Redmond

The author's comments:
we have all had this happen to us you just need to look back to really see it because we all hide it in the inside.

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