January 11, 2012
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Some are tall,
some are short.
They are also used for,
creating boats.

They give medicine,
and fruits.
They are generally green,
and they give us jute.

They bring rainfall,
on the earth.
They also give earth,
a new birth.

They spread greenery,
Their effect can be seen,
here and there.

They give home to,
many small creatures.
They decorate earth,
with colors.

They are the biggest and,
oldest also.
They are the strongest and,
weakest also.

They are being cutted,
by the humans.
They are being cutted,
by their own daughters and sons.

They are valuable,
and so precious.
and they are saying that,
please protect us.

But we are not listening,
their cry.
We are also not giving,
it a try.

If they vanish then,
what will remain here?
I thinks,some skeletons,
and some nightmares.

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