The Serious Choice

January 8, 2012
By Anonymous

The fighting,
I can't take it anymore
Constant swearing
Blaming it on us
A 13 and 9 year old
Thinking about leaving this world permanently
I think twice,
Walk to my laptop
Start writing
And then the fighting's bearable
I can't leave
I have too many dreams
Big, important dreams
And if I left
What would happen to my sister?
So cruel of me to leave her all alone
I stop thinking about it
I type and type and type
Come up with a brilliant poem
And think,
I have a purpose in life
So why let those people who need me down?
It doesn't make sense
I breathe slowly,
take everything in,
and I look forward to tomorrow
And I hope it's going to be better

The author's comments:
Lately my parents have been fighting constantly. When they were fighting, I actually wrote this. It just came to me and I started writing. I was done in a couple minutes.

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