Lifelong Footprints

January 8, 2012
By Emily94 GOLD, Pleasant Valley, Iowa
Emily94 GOLD, Pleasant Valley, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
The fires of hell will consume your soul for the sins you've committed.

~one of my own

Her life is a fog. Like a blanket over her teary eyes. Each day passing by in the blink of an eye. Her hallow mind blank. Her precious memories faded. She tried to look back on her life to see what she's done, where she's been. Her footprints left a shallow trail of her lifelong journey. The mistakes and regrets haunt her. She can hide them from the world, but her not from herself. Her mistakes are like hieroglyphics. They can be hidden but will always be there. They can't be erased. She has to live with them forever and when she's gone those hieroglyphics will still be there.

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