January 25, 2012
By dannygannon SILVER, Norton, Massachusetts
dannygannon SILVER, Norton, Massachusetts
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He taught me lessons I never would of learned on my own,
He lived his whole life to a completely different tone,
He got everyone Flynn road pond street bouncing
Whenever he saw everyone fighting and pouncing,
He had a friend named Fred out and abounding,
With eleven kids his head must of been pounding,
Up in new Hampshire we call it the camp,
It was a perfect vacation sight built by gramp,
I don't know what it was about my grandfather,
But he absolutely loved his resort on the lake Burns water,
Today everyone gathered around as the marine played taps with the utmost honor,
Because they knew eleven amazing children had just lost their father,
As they folded up the American flag and gave it to my nana,
The man handed it to her in the most perfect manner,
She took the red, white and blue flag with her trembling hands,
Right above the fireplace, next to grandpas recliner is where it stands,
My nana is an amazing women and bless her please lord,
Because loosing her is really something I cannot afford,
And grandpa Gannon was a hell of a guy I can tell you that much,
He was known as the fix it man because he had that special touch,
He was a man no one will forget and everyone will love,
I can't wait to meet him again in the sky above.

The author's comments:
The saying "Flynn Road Pond Street bounce" means get out of my neighborhood,
The saying Fred's out and abounding means a gas leakage of which will not be explained

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