January 25, 2012
By DanceFckerDance SILVER, West Des Moines, Iowa
DanceFckerDance SILVER, West Des Moines, Iowa
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Just once, close your mouth,
Open your ears,
And exercise your mind.
Hush your petty problems,
And care for others.
Look around and back at me.
Tell me your troubles
Are more important
And tell me the truth.
Once more, for we were given
Not to let words slither in and out the other,
But to allow twice as many thoughts to enter.
Listen to the eyes of the suffering,
And the smiles of success.
Hear the sounds of despair,
But take note of the resonance of bliss.
Pay attention to the echoes of fear,
And comfort them with the reverberation of peace.
Notice the expressive wrinkles on the faces
Of all, whose emotions change.
Cancel the evidence of hate
With the timbre of love.
Listen, again
For you will learn from
All you hear, if you listen closely.
Hush your trivial problems
And escape from your oblivion.

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