New Tunnels

January 25, 2012
By Courtland21 BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
Courtland21 BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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I wake up in the night to a dog’s bark,
Unable to sleep in the star lit room.
Thoughts being projected to the back of my eye lids.

We walk the side of the black pavement
Eyes upon us as we slide down the hill.
Dropping down to the entrance of a tunnel,
an echo of voices fades into the hole.
Dark, the adventure becomes dream like.
The rough wall is cold but is the only sense of direction
Too careless to go back never thinking twice.
We trudge on through the darkness and echos.
The kick of rocks and click of backpacks.

The light at the entrance shrinking into nothing
I sit down awaiting my friends.
My mind clean as a fresh sheet of paper.

My fingers are black with dirt when the end is reached.
No time taken to look at them then.
Now I check again and again.
The re-bar ladder bends with the pressure of our weight.
At the top a awkward hole puts danger in the event.
The risk being taken with no thought.
Slowly climbing out the light reaches our eyes.
We push the manhole up and exit the darkness.
Eyes upon us makes it complete.
only scratches on my hands
healing within the day.

I lay in discomfort, silent but thinking and unable to stop.
The projecting thoughts shrink into nothing
I fall asleep.

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