Meaning of Love

January 25, 2012
By EvolutionaryKidd BRONZE, Van Nuys, California
EvolutionaryKidd BRONZE, Van Nuys, California
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Three words, 5 vowels, 3 consonants.
A complete sentence with a subject and predicate
An incomplete fragment only missing the most important part...
Your true feelings....& my true feelings, our true feelings that together brings meaning to this phrase.
A phrase that English alone is capable of contriving...clutching it's meaning..squeezing and quenching the desires of lust and throwing it to the depths of the abyss we call hell.
In the fiery flames, the scorching, penetrating heat melts together the 5 vowels and 3 consonants together in one mold that binds the unbound able...morphs the anamorphous & subjugates a flame that remains resilient that we know to be love.
In this flame of love, I see your face flicker from its sides & quickly vanish upon the moment that the molecular compounds feel the gentle breeze of my breath as I linger over you
I close my eyes & mutter under my breath...Love I See You...
Not through my eyes that remain shut...but through my soul which will never shut in your presence...which will always remain your safe haven & the ever welcoming home to your heart
I see you, Love, not by the words that spew from your mouth baiting me to your heart like a blind man, but by the raw emotions that I feel overflow from those words you speak
I see you by the pureness of your ways....the white frost enveloped all over my passionate & bubbling soul that ceases to now contained by your your your femininity and gentleness
Speak to my soul & forever win my heart
That is your place, Love
This feeling...I mean, these 3 words, 5 vowels, 3 consonants...this phrase...
I cannot explain.
For the periods, commas, exclamation points, vowels, consonants, grammatical rules...all serve as the police of my embodiment
They put up the yellow caution tape all around my physical being warning you to stay away...the punctuation marks are the batons & pepper spray that wrongly attack me & convict me of a crime I'm incapable of committing...the grammatical rules rule out my every every wish to scream & shout my true feelings to explain who you really are
Because, Love, I see right through you...I see you with my eyes closed shut...I see you when you don't even see yourself & I only wish to guide you to my my heart..
I can show you things you never perceived to become a reality
I can show you that you are more than just 5 vowels and 3 consonants...that when you & I merge together, you're an indescribable, uncontainable force that perpetuates the ever dissolving world and all of its miseries.

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