Love Kills

January 25, 2012
By , still wont say, FL
At first she felt angry
No one had ever insulted her friend like he had
It filled her with rage to here his words
She told him to stop
He knew not of what he spoke
He didn’t even know her friend
Yet he insulted her still

His words were poison
He didn’t care if he hurt her
It was finally over
Completely over
They went their separate ways

She couldn't feel anything but annoyance and furry towards him
Mere hours past when she started to feel something else
Sadness. Sadness that it had ended.
She had been happy with him
He could always made her smile
Then he left her without a second thought

Now all she could feel was sadness
Her friends tried to cheer her up
With plans of revenge
It had aways made her happy before
Now she only felt sadder

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