Alongside the red river

January 25, 2012
By Samridhi BRONZE, Gurgaon, Haryana, Other
Samridhi BRONZE, Gurgaon, Haryana, Other
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Alongside the red river
Engaged in war, endangering his life
A brave soldier recalled his lover’s hymn
Recalling her sweet melody, was sure to bring plight
For he may never be able to return from his fight
Aching the sting of tears on her cheek
Made his heart weep
The thought of never seeing her again
Made his soul trapped in pain
He shared his feelings with a comrade
And he was reminded
That love had him blinded
For he was not a man worthy of love
If he was scared to carry to his motherland the peaceful white dove
And with this last thought
He faced every gun that the opponent bought
But alas! He was a man and not an immortal god
For several bullets his heart caught
And in the sand was engraved his last thought
And he saw his lover safely sitting on the rooftop
With the last exhalation breath
The nearby river restored his scarlet death
And now the window carried his quiver
And buried it alongside the river
And kissed it with pride towards her brave lover
And sank with his memories in her stomach
And gave birth to a tiny life
And the all knowing river
Sank in her heart ,the bravery of the lover
And with his blood became the red river
The water her solace, the widow cried alongside the red river

The author's comments:
A tribute to the soldiers fighting for our country

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