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January 25, 2012
By Mousam Shah GOLD, Mumbai, Other
Mousam Shah GOLD, Mumbai, Other
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It was month of August and rain decided to start heavily. The window glass was wrap with tiny droplets of water which blurs the vision of outside world. As a scientist my life works on word “suppose”… and it really fetch different meaning to others...For me suppose is very impractical word for eg suppose I would have got some idea to work upon? Suppose I was son of lord Newton… etc, etc, etc as it was my leisure time, I was having coffee, sitting next to window, on my rocking chair.
I suddenly heard knock-knock on my door. I placed my cup on the table and ran towards the door. As soon as I opened the door I saw a young man who is fully wet from head to toe, with loose outfit and plungened smell from his body, commenced “hello sir! This are some important documents send by your boss and he wants you to read and answer it up within 2 days” .as soon as he finished his dialogue delivery he ran away with the speed of light. i.e. (3X10 raise to 8) m/sec oh wow…! That was really amazing.
As soon as I opened documents I came to know that my boss is tired of paying heavy bills that Ambani’s charge so he wants me to invent some alternative way to generate and use electricity. The first word that came out of my mouth was “beep” followed by various other beeps. Anyways after finishing my fantastic slogans I decided to finish up my coffee, as I was already finished, and then continue to start searching for alternative way to generate electricity.
When I headed towards my coffee I just saw mouse loitering around my cup. Before I could essence my coffee, mouse pushed the cup and gravity acted upon. Cup was broken into small-small pieces just as my heart because my 50 bugs went in vein.
Now I want to punish that mouse in the best possible way. The grief of my broken cup was much more than my anger on mouse … I caught that mouse in small vessel and placed it safe. I just got an idea; I would generate electricity with the help of mouse. Instead of using heavy turbines to run electricity… which not only requires huge investment but also time, so why can’t I opt something cheap. In that way I decided to not only punish the mouse but also to get my work done...
A soldier should be well prepaid before entering war. So for that I required a mouse, a circular small wooden material, a bulb , a computer . and I am done..
I collected all requisites and start conducting with my experiment. I attached circular wooden to my computer in order to collect statics and bulb to measure the voltage. And place that mouse into that wooden circular box. I want mouse to run. What the h***! Why isn’t it running? … I have seen in cartoons it runs. Than what’s wrong with this mouse... Opps! I need to place something in front ,in order to drive that mouse. I place a piece of bread hanging in front of mouse and he started running.
Soon the wooden plates started rotating, computer started showing the amount of voltage produce, and then finally bulb started glowing .and even I dipped my pen in inkpot and started filling the documents. So basically everything started.
And finally I am done. I found alternative way to produce electricity. And now I was sitting on my rocking chair continuing my thoughts on word ‘suppose’... And again I heard knock-knock and saw the same light speed guy who gave me some more documents and said the same thing again... That boss wants it within 2 days and I gave him my old documents. After receiving it ,I opened and in which my boss stated that he is travelling to hill station ,and he requires the portable house to stay in because accommodation charges in India are very high…so now let me start beeping …. Please remind me to work.

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