Things would have been worse

January 25, 2012
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26th July 2006 was the date. It was already 5:45 and I was already late. I want to be at home as early as possible. The pleasure of being home from such a hectic schedule just can’t be explained through simple words. At that day I could relate my colleagues as the animals who are just release from their bars. Office gates were so clogged as if people are getting free movie tickets.
At that day , I anyhow manage to get of office premises. And as soon as I reached railway station I found a mob of people surrounding ticket window, from far it seems like a cluster of ants surrounding sugar. It was already 6 pm , so without wasting my further time I decided to stand in que for ticket. I realize after wasting half an hour I was still standing in the same place without even moving an inch ahead.
On inquiring further I came to know that, ‘fortunately’ there’s an old pair of hands working other side of window. Wait what I said …..? “Fortunately” yes fortunately….! Why? You will soon come to know. She was as fast as sound in vacuum.
It was 7 pm and already I missed 5 trains and it was the 6th I want to catch that train anyhow. By the time I got my ticket I saw that train passing by I tried hard catching it, and people over there must thought of me as a dog who’s desperate for the bone. But ultimately I failed.
I was just about to run to ticket counter and was planning to fight with her unless and until next train comes. When I was on the way of doing such great deed … I heard a loud sound, a sound which started travelling at the speed of light, a sound that’s loud enough to make cochlea useless, a sound loud enough to make eardrums numb.
Suddenly me eyes went on ma mobile. And I found that screen was broken... within few seconds I could Identify that it was bomb blast… this is for the 1st time I realize that everything happens for good reason.
I don’t know either to thank that old lady or should publicized our government system, if that lady won’t have worked the way she did , things would have been worse
Even today my tear gland becomes active when I recollect that event…
The end

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