Coming Undone

January 24, 2012
By ardelidoo2 SILVER, Seattle, Washington
ardelidoo2 SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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I hear the seems tearing
I see the stitches coming apart, thread by thread
I feel the loose threads against my body
The streams of thread howl as they run loose from their roots
My feelings are ow left in the open
I'm not talking about the threads that hold the clothes to my back
I'm referring to the threads that hold my heart together
The tiny threads that can tear at any moment to any hurt word
I try to hide the broken seams with the words that slip through my mouth
You might hear the threads slip through the stitched seems
You might even see the thread split and wear at the ends
I turn my back to you and all your words
I scurry in the darkness to mend my ripped layer
You keep prodding at my wounds, slowly ripping them open
My raw flesh is exposed to the world, all of my weakness's shown
Why do you have that power over me?
Why do I give you the bat to beat me down?
I don't know why and probably never will
Come take another swing at me, harder than before
I will rise up and I will show you
There is nothing I need to prove to you, but to prove to myself
I need to prove to myself that I am worth it
No more, it all ends now. Walk away wallowing in sorrow
I will wipe my hands of despair and I will live
I will live as if no one can stop me, because after you I know I can
I am fetching the thread and needle from home
I am going to mend my bring my heart back to a whole
I am going to set you down and make you watch
You will see how I am no longer afraid
Keep prodding me and you will see, I am everything without you

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