"Where Im truly from"

January 24, 2012
By Anonymous

Where I come from…
Nobody knows where I am from.
There were many guesses in which there were wrong.
I come from a boom-box,
From beats and sound waves.
I come from the electricity in the wires.
(Sounds, beats, it feels like its shaking me).
I come from the sounds,
The beats,
The long sound waves in me
As if I was moving inside of me.
Once I was out,
I turned from sound waves to human.
I know what I was created to do--
I have to move and dance
Until my time is done.
By the sound waves grabbing me
Shaking me and electrifying me
Back into sound waves.
Until one day I will be let out again

The author's comments:
This poem is based on the way I act. No one really knows where i am from but I do.

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