Beautiful Disaster

January 24, 2012
By oliviadunn BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
oliviadunn BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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Quiet roar,
Seemingly no different than the day before.
The warm waters of the icy storm,
Stalk the shore.

The waves gracefully crash upon my home,
No chance at saving a single thing.
Running from town like a slow race car,

Obstacles in our way, the water only getting closer.
Pictures of my past running circle through my head.
Run, run, run, the water grabbing at my ankles.
I search for my family praying they are right there with me.

The whispering rush of water runs after me.
How can this storm be so beautiful yet deadly?
Waves crash over my head,
The loud waters throwing me around.

Someone grabs my arm,
Shaking, yelling, awakening me,
Thankfully bringing me back to reality.
I now lay awake in bed trying to recall,
The obstacles in my way, the waves few steps from my feet.

My mother peals the blinds revealing a bright sun.
Not a sign of a storm in sight.
What a beautiful day ahead of me.

But this scene may be deceiving.
Questioning, wondering, doubting
If this world is even my reality,
Or just another level of my inception.

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