Sense of fame.

January 18, 2012
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As we walk to a spot on the side of a barbershop.
People look and point,
as if there is a celebrity in town.
You can hear them ask each other,
“Who is that?”
“Have you ever seen her before?”

Once there,
the photographer, and her assistant,
set up for a photo shoot.

I pose with passion,
a sense of strength.
No weakness here.

I can feel the ruff brick against my back,
as I lean up against the wall.
I can see the bright flashes,
as I bat my eyes,
waiting for the next ‘click’ of the camera.

Slowly changing my poses,
with slight complexity,
the photographer is complimenting me,
“Nice, very good.”

This boosts my confidence.

Now we make our walk back,
back to the studio.
There I will have my outfit changed,
my hair fixed,
and my makeup will be touched up.

We will go back to the streets,
going to a new location,
for a different photo shoot,
as we walk with a sense of fame.

And people will once again look and point,
As if there is a celebrity in town.
We will be able to hear them ask each other,
“Who is that?”
“Have you seen her before?”

And we will just keep walking with a sense of fame

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