Crack of a Victim

January 18, 2012
By Anonymous

The air in the haunting building was cold as ice.
Even though it was in the middle of fall.
As a siren went off,
Sounds of cheering filled the air.
Letting everyone know a goal was scored.

They watched as the boy was playing.
He lived and breathed hockey,
For as long as anyone could remember.
A loud clash happened as the puck was in play again.
He got it and was racing up the ice.
Getting ready to score.

My brother got checked into the side.
Everyone stood up in panic.

He was lying on the ice,
Like a wounded animal during hunting season.
As he was helped up,
There was cracking with every move he made.
As we entered the hospital,
The air was filled with the smell of illness.
The viruses were lingering in the halls.
Just waiting for its next victim.

Everything was moving so fast,
Lightning couldn’t keep up.
But everything was still.

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