Together and Never Again

January 18, 2012
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When we hold hands, it is like our hands were made for one another,
Your hands fit perfectly between the spaces of my fingers.
When you lay your head on my chest, my heart skips a beat,
And beats with the beautiful rhythm of yours.
When our lips touch, all my worries fade away,
And we are in a world were only me and you can exist.
When I hear your voice, it’s softer than angel’s wings,
And I could never tire of hearing it,
But, in a twist of fate
Your forgot me.
When we kissed it was fake,
And the world meant for you and me, only I was there
You left me and you moved on,
Then with the knives the blood ran down my arm,
A scar that will never entirely go away.
Your tears are like acid to my heart.
It breaks it down slowly and painfully,
My heart beats.
The sound you hear when your head is on my chest is now the beating of a Broken Heart
It didn’t matter.
My feelings never do.
But that doesn’t matter to me,
Your feelings matter.
It was like nothing mattered.
The confused then attempted suicide.
The world meant for you and I is gone forever,
Loneliness and regret sets in,
You can’t change the past.
Were were together but now Never Again

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