Lies & Addiction

January 18, 2012
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Every feeling you gave I,
Every time you freaking lied,
Why is it so hard to say goodbye?
Even when you cried, there was nothing but lies,
Your heart sings a song of regret, even now that I’m gone.
It has been so long, you hate everything about me, why do you still love me?
I hate everything about you, why do I still love you?
Go back a page, to were the story starts,
Back when love was an art,
We got so flipping far, but you left me in the dark,
Dreams were a reality, then it turned into a nightmare,
You thought it was all right, even when the end was nigh,
Look into the sky as the rain pours on your face with a steady pace,
Asking why did you become this way?
You called this a game, your driving me insane,
Watch the scars fade away, trying to forget your face.
But I see it everyday, why did it have to end that way?
I don’t understand why I still love you, I hate everything about you,
But your still not just a pretty face, we promised each other forever,
Forever is just another word for never,
Never will this happen again,
Hearts shattered on the floor, I never wished for more,
Turn the page one last time,
Kiss me, say goodbye
I hate everything about you, so please darling don’t love me.

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